5 Hidden Gem Running Trails in Australia for BeginnersIllustration

Australia is brimming with renowned running trails, but there are numerous hidden gems perfect for beginners looking for scenic and manageable routes. These trails not only offer a gentle introduction to running but also provide breathtaking views and an opportunity to connect with nature. Here are five lesser-known beginner running trails you should explore.

1. Fernleigh Track, New South Wales

Starting off with a relatively flat and paved track, the Fernleigh Track is a beginner's paradise. Stretching from Adamstown to Belmont, this former railway line offers a smooth surface ideal for new runners. The lush greenery and frequent glimpses of wildlife make this a peaceful and refreshing trail.

2. Mount Ainslie Circuit, Australian Capital Territory

Located close to Canberra, the Mount Ainslie Circuit is a moderate 4.5 km loop that's beginner-friendly. The trail offers a gradual incline, making it perfect for those new to running. As a bonus, reaching the summit rewards you with panoramic views of Canberra and its landmarks.

3. Kepa Bush Reserve Trail, South Australia

In the heart of Adelaide lies the Kepa Bush Reserve, featuring an easy-to-navigate 3 km trail. This loop track takes you through native bushlands, allowing you to enjoy the natural flora and fauna. It's an ideal trail for beginners seeking solitude and nature.

4. The Bay Run, New South Wales

Another gem in New South Wales, The Bay Run in Sydney is a 7 km loop trail around Iron Cove. Known for its picturesque waterfront views, the trail is relatively flat and perfect for beginner runners. The mix of parks, bridges, and aquatic sights keep the run engaging.

5. River Walk, Queensland

Located in Brisbane, the River Walk offers a smooth and scenic route along the Brisbane River. Spanning approximately 5 km, this trail is perfect for beginners with its paved pathways and beautiful river views. The trail is also well-lit in the evening, providing a safe and enjoyable running experience even after sunset.

Final Thoughts

These hidden gem running trails are perfect for beginners seeking new routes to kickstart their running adventures. With stunning views, easy terrains, and serene environments, each trail offers a unique experience that encourages you to lace up your running shoes and explore the beauty of Australia's landscapes.

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